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As many new webmasters start to explore the online realm of SEO and backlinks the demand for more quality backlinks has increased over the last few years. With many services charging an arm and leg for something so simple as backlinks, many services have surfaced the web promising and offering unlimited number of backlinks. Let me just stop for a second and tell you, there is no better backlink than one that is created manually and most of all by you! Of course, competing with other websites in your same niche might be a bit overwhelming and might take a couple of days, weeks even years to even get ranked or get listed on the first page of todays most used search engines and algorithms. However as all webmasters, including myself have to start from scratch and thus look for ways and sites to create backlinks and begin to share our sites content. Like mentioned before, there are many services that charge a fee, usually a monthly fee of some sort to obtain backlinks but why pay another fee for something that is free and one can do on their own? You've already spent money on a domain registration fee and hosting fee, do you really want to add to the cost of running your own website?
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This is where comes in to play. The no cost backlink service provided by allows any site visitor and easy to follow opportunity to create multiple good quality no follow backlinks to over 1,000 different websites.  Many of the sites listed on accept free listings which consist of info, who is, about us, website statistics like Wrankle, business listings, directories and dedicated urls from all over the world.

Ultimately, creating backlinks can become a tedious and time consuming task which will require a lot of time and patience but with a free online backlink generator tool like you'll save a lot of time, effort and most of all valuable money.

It is also recommended to check your websites SEO statistics with quality online Tools like which also offer several ways to create and update quality content on your website. Pinging a domain is free and simple and anyone can do it. For best results here is another ping tool to add to your daily ping list Ping My Link - Free Website Ping and Submission Service.